Quick Starting JLambda

To play with JLambda really only requires three things: a jar file, an executable script, and setting an environment variable. So lets do this step by step.

  • The first thing is to download the jar file and jlambda script. The latest version is 1537, and can be found here: jlambda-v1537.zip. Its only 236K, so comes in a flash!

  • This unzips to a directory of the same name: jlambda-v1537, which contains two files, the iop.jar file, and the jlambda script.
    [~/Desktop]$ unzip jlambda-v1537.zip 
    Archive:  jlambda-v1537.zip
       creating: jlambda-v1537/
      inflating: jlambda-v1537/README.txt
      inflating: jlambda-v1537/iop.jar    
      inflating: jlambda-v1537/jl
      inflating: jlambda-v1537/jlambda    
      inflating: jlambda-v1537/jlambda.jar    

  • The jlambda script can be moved to anywhere you like to keep executable scripts, for example:
    mv jlambda-v1537/jlambda  ~/bin/
    Make sure that the script is still executable, and that your OS knows where it is:
    [pvs@serrano ~]$ which jlambda
    [pvs@serrano ~]$ 
    A rehash may be in order here.

  • All you need to do now, is set the environment variable IOPBINDIR so that it points to where the iop.jar sits.
    [pvs@serrano ~]$ setenv IOPBINDIR ~/jlambda-v1537
    [pvs@serrano ~]$ jlambda
    Welcome to the JLambda interface to Java (version 1.517), type ? for help.

  • The difference between jl and jlambda is that jl uses the minimal (android) jlambda.jar while jlambda uses the full iop.jar.

  • A fun example to start with would be the clicker example: clicker.lsp. Save this file, and try
    jlambda clicker.lsp
If you have any problems, please let me (Ian) know, I'll be more than happy to help!

This page is sometimes maintained by Ian A. Mason and Carolyn L. Talcott