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JLambda is a fast, efficient, minimalistic, call-by-value, lexically scoped Lisp or Scheme like language with closures. It is implemented in, has exactly the same underlying primitive data types as Java, and access to all of Java's built in packages and classes, as well as any other Java classes found in the class path. It has an essential component of SRI's Pathway Logic project, and comes as part of the IOP framework distribution (qua iop.jar, currently weighing in at 1.8M). It currently comes in two forms, as part of the IOP distribution, and all the corresponding gui, graph and glyph support, and in a smaller swingless version that is suitable for android (qua jlambda.jar, currently weighing in at 740K). Both versions can be downloaded from the quickstart page below. Alternatively a link to the IOP binaries provides all but the android version.

JLambda Quickstart

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The JLambda & Graphics 2D API

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